Shell Scripting Video Tutorial For Beginners

Shell scripting is essential for IT operations and automation. Programming Knowledge is important nowadays. This shell scripting video tutorial will help beginners to understand some of the basics of shell script programming, and hope to introduce to powerful programming available under the bash shell. As such, it has been recorded putting layman in mind. Explained from scratch even few supportive commands, shell environment. Shell scripting is base for learning any programming language such as Python and Perl. Shell scripting video tutorial for beginners and intermediate.

  1. Shell Scripting course content
  2. Linux Basics
  3. Directory Structure
  4. Basic Linux Commands
  5. Copy, remove, Move and time Commands
  6. Grep Command
  7. Head and Tail Commands
  8. tr and wc commands
  9. Linux Disk Utilities
  10. Getting Help From Command Line Interface
  11. who, hostnamectl and uname
  12. Find Files and Directories in Linux
  13. Analyze CPU and Processes
  14. Vi text Editor
  15. Awk and Sed - Stream Editor
  16. Introduction to Linux GUI
  17. Cut Required portion of Text from text files
  18. Merging Multiple Files
  19. Copy files securely
  20. Change Files and Directories Permissions
  21. Compressing Files and Directories
  22. Crontab to Schedule future Jobs
  23. Scripting vs Programming
  24. What is Shell Scripting and Its Advantages
  25. PATH Environment Variable
  26. Symbols used in Shell Scripting
  27. Types of shells in Linux
  28. Write Exciting First Shell Script
  29. Make your own shell scripting template
  30. Quotation Marks
  31. Variables Explained
  32. Special Variables
  33. count Command Line Arguments
  34. Arthematic Operators
  35. Relational Operators
  36. Logical Operators
  37. IF Statement in shell Scripting
  38. If Else Statement
  39. If else if statement
  40. Nested If statement
  41. While Loop
  42. For Loop
  43. Case Statement
  44. Continue Statement
  45. Set Command Bash Scripting
  46. Shift Positional Parameters
  47. Functions
  48. Until Loop
  49. Arrays in Shell Scripting
  50. Getopts
  51. Making Real-time CPU Monitoring Shell Script
  52. Disk space Monitoring
  53. Debug Shell Scripts
  54. Here Documents
  55. Internal Field Separator
  56. Eval Command
  57. Execute Multiple Scripts from Single Script
  58. Logger Command
  59. Warp Up

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