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1. Task Automation and Task Schedule

2. Search Related Commands

3. File Links (Soft Link & Hard Link)

4. String Related Commands

5. Profile Management

6. User Administrator

7. Text Editors

8. Linux Directory Structure

9. BASH Features

10. Basic and Common Commands

11. Monitoring NetApp SAN Using Nagios

12. Linux Basic Commands

13. Huge Windows Shortcut Keys

14. Installation and configuration of iSCSI initiator

15. Find WWN Number of HBA

16. Linux booting Procedure

17. Linux Interview Questions and Answers

18. Linux Introduction

19. MySQL Server root user password reset

20. Linux Architecture

21. Linux Vs Windows

22. Redhat Linux OS Installation

23. Welcome Banner when user logged into the server

24. User Login Notification to server

25. File System

26. Logical volume Management (LVM) Part-1

27. Logical Volume Management (LVM) Part-2

28. RAID Part-1

29. RAID Part-2

30. RPM / YUM

31. Networking

32. Disk Quota Management

33. Remote Server Management

34. Introducing Personal computer fundamentals

35. Network File System (NFS)

36. Configure YUM repository for Network installation 



Collect Server Information

Script Usage: Collect Server Information using the below script, You can change this script as per your environment

Linux User Password Expiry Monitoring

Script Usage: Get the alert before user's password expires

NagiosXi User Login Notification

Script Usage: When somebody logs into the NagiosXI console the administrator will get the notification

File System Usage Monitoring

Script Usage: If the mount point is getting full we will get an alert before it becomes full

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